The Down Market: Local Sprout at Local Sprout Food Hub Local. Sustainable. Delicious. In this episode of The Down Market, the team interviews Mitch Hagney, farmer and CEO of Local Sprout, a produce company located in San Antonio. Hagney's vision for urban farming is the ability to have sustainable agriculture wherever there is space, urban or rural. We follow Hagney to the Pearl's Farmers Market where he sells his urban produce. Afterward, Hagney takes us to the San Antonio Food Bank, who he has partnered with to provide sustainable seasonal food for their green houses. Hagney's vision for the future of agriculture requires the sustainable growth of produce in urban areas, and his approach to plant production will not only help change the community downtown, but San Antonio at large.
  • S01:E06
  • 5:30
  • 2 years ago
  • TV-PG